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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I have now started incorporating weights into my workout thanks to one of my friends. Doing weights as well as cardio is excellent and weightlifting actually continues to burn calories long after you're finished working out.

I'm trying to mainly target my abs, legs and butt because those are the areas I feel need to be more toned. My arms could use some toning but it isn't high on my priority list.

Hopefully I can keep the weight routine up and will be able to see results in the next month or so. I'd love to have a flat tummy without the little pooch under my belly button and would love to just have killer toned legs. Who doesn't love toned legs, right?

If you are planning to use weights, start off with very little weight and work your way up. I started at 50 on most of the leg weights and did 70 on some. I've always had decent leg muscles so I could start somewhat higher than 10 or 30.

Instead of doing actual crunches, I'm using the ab chair (I have no idea what it's really called). Basically you are hanging there and you have to lift your legs up until they are perpendicular with your body. My tummy muscles are sure feeling the burn that's for sure!

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